Dispute Trademark WD40 vs Get All 40: Alliance Caring for Jakarta Merchants Protests Against Court Judgement at the Central Jakarta Commercial District Court

15 September 2021, 22:15
Dilihat   329, Jakarta – 

The follow-up trial of case number 41 related to the Get All to party WD 40 lawsuit was held again in the Seobekti 1 (one) Central Jakarta Commercial Court (15/09/2021)

According to Djamhur SH and his partner as attorney for Benny Bong as the owner of Get All, this lawsuit is related to his party who feels they have been harmed materially and immaterially by WD 40 with the agenda of a trial of evidence.

The attorney continued in more detail regarding the loss because his party could not sell the product for approximately 4 years, causing great loss to our party.

According to Djamhur SH, the Brand Appeal Commission in July 2020 has issued a Get All certificate which is declared not the same as WD 40, while the same numbers listed are specifications not related to the brand.

Referring to the quote from a legal expert, Prof. Sudargo Gautama SH that seeing a brand must go through the whole, not through the similarity of color or name, even in the past the Indonesian Supreme Court jurisprudence number 2451K/pdt/1987 that the “SELUTE” brand and the “ROYAL SELUTE” brand had no similarities “said Djamhur.

Meanwhile outside the Central Jakarta Commercial Court building, the Jakarta Merchant Care Alliance (APPJ) mass was seen holding a peaceful speech by holding a banner that read ” *STOP DISCRIMINATION AGAINST DOMESTIC PRODUCTS* “

When the media crew met with the chairman of APPJ Jay Abdullah, who is also in charge of the mass action, he said that the peaceful demonstration that was carried out by his party was a form of protest by his party because of the alleged discrimination by WD40 in Indonesia which was considered to hinder the development of domestic products and this was tantamount to harm and oppressing MSMEs in our country.

Moreover, President Jokowi also appealed for domestic products that must be prioritized because they are sourced from the work of our own nation,” said Jay Abdullah. [Abie/Cs]



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